What Happens in Counselling?

Sometimes the coping strategies we have developed to manage life accidentally become rigid patterns that get in the way of healthy relationships, personal growth, emotional regulation, and response flexibility. I will identify the patterns that are playing a role in the problems you are currently struggling with, and I will suggest a therapeutic plan to help you achieve your goals. We will work together to resolve the issues that are causing you distress. Then instead of just talking about change, you can try out new behaviours and beliefs immediately in the session – effectively rewiring your brain!

Therapy modalities

I match my interventions to each client and family, and draw from the following therapeutic modalities:

Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness has its roots in the Buddhist spiritual tradition. It is a way of experiencing life more fully and with more presence. By combining conscious awareness of the present moment, while taking a curious, open, and non-judgmental approach to inner experience; mindfulness helps us get off automatic pilot and focus without distraction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT focuses on modifying thought and behaviour patterns that contribute to negative interpretations of the self, unsatisfying relationships, and difficulties in managing life events. The therapy is goal-oriented and systematic and can involve techniques such as self-monitoring, cognitive restructuring, social skills training, and relaxation training.

Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy combines the benefits of CBT and the practice of Mindfulness to increase inner peace and emotional regulation, which facilitates stress and pain management, response flexibility, and effective life management.