What Happens in Counselling?

Sometimes the coping strategies we have developed to manage life accidentally become rigid patterns that get in the way of healthy relationships, personal growth, emotional regulation, and response flexibility. I will identify the patterns that are playing a role in the problems you are currently struggling with, and I will suggest a therapeutic plan to help you achieve your goals. We will work together to resolve the issues that are causing you distress. Then instead of just talking about change, you can try out new behaviours and beliefs immediately in the session – effectively rewiring your brain!

Therapy modalities

I match my interventions to each client and family, and draw from the following therapeutic modalities:

Integrative Body Psychotherapy

IBP is a body-focused psychotherapy that treats the whole person. It integrates the best approaches from Eastern and Western psychological, physiological and spiritual body-mind theories and practices, into a highly efficient and effective model for psychotherapy. The IBP therapeutic process enables therapists and clients to identify and release the emotional/psychological/muscular holding patterns, born of emotional injury and conditioning, that prevent a client from attaining and sustaining well-being. IBP also teaches clients the somatic and mental health tools they need to sustain well-being. As a result of IBP therapy, clients can experience themselves, others and the world around them differently.

For more information go to: www.ibponline.org